Back to Khalifa

02.06.16 (2 of 2)

I shot this back when we decided to get out of the flat a few weeks ago and go out. Shops below, mostly flats on floors above. I’m usually there, except for the past two weeks when I had to move here in Al Ain for a project.

I heard the news today that I’m moving back to Khalifa on Saturday though. Happy to be going back, but kinda sad as well. Just when you’re starting to get used to the place, you’re being dragged again to another. I hate this moving, but it’s part of the job so I can’t really do much about it. I’ve made my bed in Khalifa my safe haven (bought a loooot of things to make it homey) but it kind of sucks that I’m might move around a lot. :/ (Oh my goodness, I *love* IKEA. An understatement. I go crazy every time I go there. It’s so easy to be sucked in and then buy stuff you probably don’t need but really want.)

I miss my bed, my bedroom lights. I can finally eat properly! Two weeks here in Al Ain had me losing my appetite, you know. I’m too shy to eat a full Filipino meal while at the hospital because people doesn’t seem like they eat?! In the mornings I couldn’t prepare breakfast because I can’t get myself to wake up early enough (I’ve got to change this habit). And here in the flat, it’s a little cramped so I lose the motivation to prepare any real food. I miss home all the more. 😦

I’m hoping to get a few days or weeks, if God willing, of downtime. Heh. I know as soon as I got back I’ll be wondering again where I’ll be sent to next! Hopefully it wouldn’t be as stressful as the first one.


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