Baguio Aug ’14: Day 2

Browsing through our old photos from last year, I realized how crappy the photos I took were (they were really bad, haha) and even though there were a lot (around 500+ photos for that weekend trip), I’m not sure it was enough to tell a story. I keep thinking about a memory and a photo to go along with it but I couldn’t find one to satisfy what I wanted.

And even more crappier when I looked backed on it, was how an inexperienced traveler I am. Jeff and I brought backpacks only. I didn’t check Baguio weather in August but it was hella cold. I had the poorest choice of clothing you can imagine. Leggings and shorts! While last April of the same year when I went with family, I brought crazy ton of clothes and shoes I didn’t need! I couldn’t get it right at all, lol. Also, since we didn’t plan on anything at all, it led to us spending a lot more!

(I thought about all these while I was jotting down plans for our Hong Kong trip this December. I don’t want to come unprepared this time, especially since it’s a foreign country and it’s entirely new territory. I’ve got to keep my head on!)

Anyway, part two of our Baguio trip!

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We allowed ourselves to sleep in a little late this time. We had our complimentary breakfast delivered to our room, which again is so-so but I’m not complaining. We had the 11PM trip back to Manila but we can’t haul everything everywhere when we check out at 12 noon if we still plan to see places, so instead of being harried, we decided to just pay for another whole day even if we plan to stay for only a few hours.

We decided to head out after to Our Lady of the Atonement Baguio Cathedral for a Sunday mass. We walked around the perimeters for a while. It wasn’t as cold as the previous day so I got by with a shawl only.

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We took a cab to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto next. I love cabs in Baguio for so many reasons, the top ones being they are incredibly honest and helpful. Unlike cabs here in Manila constantly trying to rip you off or asking for extra, they give you change up to the last centavo! And they don’t try to take you round and round just so the meter would go up. I feel genuinely safe. It’s so rare that I’d take a cab alone here in the metro. I’m constantly worried of being asked for higher fares, being declined to certain places because it isn’t convenient for them (are you kidding?), and if you’re not familiar with the where you’re going, taking you to routes unnecessarily! Oh, and not to mention the amount of news lately about fake drivers drugging passengers! Manila requires you to be always alert. Also, Baguio cabs are cheaper! Anyway.

I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been up and down these steps. And of course, being typically lacking in exercise, my legs hurt almost immediately after. I lead such a sedentary lifestyle. There were a lot of people at the grotto this time since it’s Sunday. And the weather is already starting to feel hot so we didn’t stay that long after. I am so glad I didn’t bring a jacket.

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If you want really cheap food, you should probably drop by the 50’s Diner along Gen. Luna Rd. It’s really cheap for the quantity of food you’ll be served but don’t expect so much. It’s not that great tasting or extraordinary, but I am fond of the place for the vintage diner’s feel and food quantity, lol. You have to be here early if you want to get a table because it gets full quite easily and there’s always a line! Seriously though, do drop by. (The pink maid costume of the waitresses are also a little creepy, haha)

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We went back after lunch to rest for a bit. There’s really not much else to do. At around 3PM, we went out to see this little cafe I’ve always wanted to visit but never got the chance. Under The Tree Book Cafe is just along Governor Pack Rd. It’s a little secluded and you’d have to go up a flight of stairs. A lot of establishments here require you going in and out of buildings, a few floors, etc. more space I guess? So if you’re looking for a place particularly, you’d really have to pay attention to the buildings.

It’s super cute! I’m not sure if it’s owned by a Korean but it gives that cutesy Korean cafe feel when you enter. They have a room a group of people can occupy for studying, group sessions, etc. The walls are lined with post its, notes. You can leave one if you like (I didn’t though) and I think the notes are mostly from students who come to hang out. They have a bookshelf running along one wall. I didn’t check the books out because I assumed they were Korean books but I might be wrong. Anyway, their creampuff is amazeballs. Try it if you ever stop by!

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We went right back after to the hotel so we could rest for a bit before heading to the bus terminal, and back to Manila finally. It was a great weekend all in all, regardless of some things not going our way.  (I accidentally dropped my DSLR for the first time! I didn’t know it wasn’t strapped on me and I just stood, right when I was about to get down from a jeep! I was so pissed at myself after, I wanted to cry.)

I think it’s great that people at least once or twice a year go to someplace new, or even an old place they really love. I never get tired of Baguio and I always get giddy and excited when we go there. This is definitely not going to be the last time I’ll return here!


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