Baguio Aug ’14: Day 1

While I’m counting down to my next adventure, I remembered I went to Baguio with Jeff, August of last year. I never really showed anyone photos from that trip because I never uploaded it (like I said, I’m ultra lazy :p) but it’s really the first trip out of town I went without family or relatives and the first trip I went to with Jeff.

I’m not new to Baguio; I’ve been there many times before with family. And I love the place so much. During family trips, I just tagged along mostly, I never did any planning. I slept through the drive and woke up when we were there. It’s the first time for Jeff though (surprising, really, how close this place is to his hometown). So to celebrate our fifth year anniversary as BF/GF, we decided to go for the weekend.

Victory Liner
Victory Liner

August 8, we traveled via Victory Liner but I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a long bus trip so I was pretty excited. Left at around 10PM.

We slept mostly, woke up for stops. Arrived in Baguio, August 9 at 3AM. The look on Jeff’s face seeing Baguio for the first time was priceless. I’ve often told him how cold the place was; he felt it for the first time and it’s amazing.

Anyway, this was actually a very poorly planned trip. (I thought we could just up and go as long as we had the money). But I expected to arrive at maybe 5AM or 6AM, but we arrived way too early and we have no reservations anywhere. That means if we check in we’d be paying for another day again at 12 noon of the same day.

We really didn’t have a choice (plus it’s really cold) so we decided to check in in a dormitel from one of the portfolio of a legit travel guide. (They have people assigned to that specific purpose, to welcome tourists). We got the cheapest one. The manong offered to take us there for 50 pesos so we took his offer as well.


The place was called Ferionni and we paid 1200Php for it. I would like to say that the place was great but it really wasn’t. The lobby looked great; there were tables and chairs, and antique furniture. But our room was terrible. I just wanted to sleep so badly so we’d be able to get up early but the room smelled a little like urine/bathrooms. And there were cockroaches! I didn’t feel comfortable at all. To say that it’s uncomfortable would be an understatement. I forgot to take a photo of the room but I’ll remind myself next time to always take a one.

At 6AM we decided to head out already. We had our complimentary breakfast from the dorm (not so bad, at the very least) and walked to city center using the Waze app. It’s a 15 minute walk, more or less. We visited Burnham first and rented a boat so Jeff could try the rowing bit (his arms hurt after and I laughed at how we couldn’t coordinate his paddles at all).




What is Baguio without the strawberry taho?
What is Baguio without the strawberry taho?


We spent most of the morning walking, booked our bus ride back (Deluxe! I’ve never tried the special bus, I’m already excited again!) and used Waze to find a good place to transfer to. Somehow, we ended up getting lost despite the app and not finding any other place at all (kept pointing to a none existent place, WTF?). We also forgot where Ferionni is (/facepalm). We decided to just hail a cab back and call it quits on the search.

Checked out of Ferionni and transferred to this hotel called Bloomfield Hotel. It’s just a 2-3 minute walk away from SM City Baguio and location-wise, it’s very convenient. The place is great, clean and the room we got was very spacious although we were at the lower floors. It’s 1800Php a night, I think, for the Superior Deluxe with A/C. So happy with their place.

Jeff and I had our first proper lunch at Sizzling Plate Baguio, just along Session Road.






Mines View Park


I feel sorry for the dog. 😦 I don’t like the way that they handle him and I don’t think the dog was enjoying either.



Baguio and their penis souvenirs. I still don’t get it. (Not that I’ve looked into it anyway)

The Mansion (Haunted?)


Me and my terrible hair, lol
Left the pasalubong on one side so we can take photos. Lol, good thing nobody snagged it while we're busy with the camera.
Left the pasalubong on one side so we can take photos. Lol, good thing nobody snagged it while we’re busy with the camera.

Botanical Garden





A guy there toured us and offered to take photos of us from different stations in the garden, including the cave and we paid him 450Php (he asked), I think? For his guidance. It’s not bad, he was actually very eager and accommodating. I’ve read once before that we shouldn’t haggle so much (if it’s reasonable already) from people who make an honest living.

We headed back to the hotel after and rested for a while, before I craved for Bulalo and Jeff said we should just go out and take a walk, see where we could find one. We did find a place! It’s not great but it’s better than nothing. The stroll during late hours (9PM) is perfect; Baguio in August has the perfect temperature and is not very crowded.

Despite setbacks, I think we had a great first day!


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