Good customer service, Chowking!

So, I was having diarrhea a few days back after the buffet dinner and drinking Soju with friends the week before. Alcohol doesn’t sit well with me at all. I’m not really a drinker. I was really hungry and I couldn’t eat properly. I was so scared my stomach would suddenly rebel if I do eat. I was at work and I don’t want to have bouts of nasty diarrhea while I’m at the office. Why I still went to work that day escapes me when I should have stayed at home and called in sick. :-/

On my way home, I dropped by Chowking to take out lomi and their Chinese styled fried chicken (they’re just really good!). I was starving! I hurried home so I can play something on my laptop while I pig out. I was done with my chicken when lo and behold, when I opened the bowl of lomi, it was all vegetables and egg! It took me a while to process what was wrong and what was missing. My noodles were nowhere to be seen. I was sad and disappointed more than I was angry because I was so hungry and I just don’t have the energy left to put emotion into my missing noodle. I remembered that they usually put in contact numbers in the receipt. I found it and text messaged the number for feedback. I just described my order and said I was so disappointed. Jeff was even more upset than I was! :-p He hates bad food service with fury. (Oh, I also posted on Facebook, heh).

Fast forward to tomorrow. I don’t usually check my phone when I’m at the office. It’s not allowed in the production room so I keep it in my locker. When I got out at 5PM, I was surprised to find a few miscalls and a message from someone that says the call was from Chowking. I messaged them back to apologize for not answering the call. About half an hour later, they called again and asked for the details on yesterday’s order so they can track it. The guy on the phone also said that he would like to apologize on their behalf for the bad service. I said it’s alright. I was already pacified by the fact that they were making the effort. I was surprised, however, when he asked for my address and told me he’d send another lomi once they’ve finished tracking my order.

When I got home, I’ve already forgotten all about it until my father mentioned that I have another lomi from Chowking on the table! If you haven’t noticed, lomi is my absolute favorite. I was really happy to see they fulfilled their word and they made it up to me! I definitely didn’t expect a reply. I expected to be ignored! Aaaannnd it’s way better than yesterday! I thought they sent me another chicken meal (wishful thinking, haha!) but they sent a bag of Chicharap instead! I’m not complaining, my tummy is definitely happy. 😀



Good job, Chowking! I will stay loyal. Definitely A+!


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