My self-esteem took a hit today.

I’m kind of feeling a little down today. Or you know… maybe a lot. My audited work from yesterday had such a low accuracy, it’s frustrating. I think sometimes whether I’m just not good enough, I don’t know. :-/ They’re hitting the target, why can’t I? I’ve been distracted the whole day, double checking my charts even though my mind is wandering elsewhere. Motivation is hard to come by.

I hate myself sometimes. I’m too self-righteous. I want all things equal. It’s hard for me to let go of things my life is better letting go. Like someone not doing their work, someone getting credit for something they didn’t do, etc. I dislike it, although not concerning me directly, I can’t sit still and concentrate for long enough until I stop and tell myself to forget it. This is also one of the reasons why I didn’t take that promotion. I’m a little too sensitive and I admit to being a control freak. :-S

Anyway, I’ve been to places lately. I’m yet to finish compiling my holy week pics and Tagaytay pics. At last, something better to talk about in my next entry even though it’s a late post! 😀


2 thoughts on “My self-esteem took a hit today.

  1. Maybe you’re more idealistic than self-righteous. And don’t try to think you’re not good enough. There maybe cases that it’s because the way your brain processes information is different from what the job needs. I experienced that before and I have also worked with people who doesn’t seem “fit” for the job. But they’re not lazy or stupid.

    I once took the MBTI personality page. That’s the best career-typing exam I’ve come across. Na-depress pa ako sa previous job ko because I thought I’m just incompetent. That is until our office resident psychologist talked to me and told me that it’s like I was writing with my less dominant hand. What I was doing doesn’t come naturally to me.

    • I wish we have someone like that in the office. The company is pretty new, everything is chaotic right now. /sigh I just hope I find a way to make things work for me because I love my job right now and I’m enjoying. I just don’t want to doubt myself every time I’m getting a bad result. It just feels like even though I’m trying, it’s not enough. 😦

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