Happy Day of Valor!

Hello! It’s been a long, long while! In summary though, I’ve been employed and was busy with work ever since. Not that it’s really hectic, but I guess I just forgot to write altogether. It crosses the mind from time to time but I never had the motivation enough or even if I did, I just didn’t work on it. (I’ll remind myself to get rid of this terrible attitude!) Also if you’ve been following my work posts from before, I’m glad to say that I got the work I wanted and I’m even certified!

I’ve stayed at home today, grateful that I wasn’t required to got to work. I’ve done my two weeks worth of laundry! That’s a lot considering the pile in my room was almost waist high. I know, disgusting, and makes me want to cry. 😦 I just don’t have the time and energy.


This girl Summer.
Yumi kept running around the whole time.


I don’t know what Pepper is so vigilant about.





I turned down a promotion at work the other day. I’ve been in training for a few days when I realized this isn’t really what I want. This promotion is actually a little premature; I’ve just been in the company for almost 8 months, I’m not sure I can manage a team yet. I still feel lacking. It’s too early to veer into management; I just want to continue coding and get the most I can out of it. Our training manager asked me, “But when will you be ready?” to which I had no reply. The training assistant conveniently entered the room and distracted the manager so I didn’t have to answer that. When will I be ready?

I’m scared I’d fail considering this is a pretty big account. While I tell myself I’m not ready, at the back of my mind, something is questioning me. What if I just didn’t want the responsibility? The long hours? The commitment? Because I’m pretty easy going at the moment. I feel really immature and directionless in life with my decision but then again, what if I am really not ready and I’m in over my head if I accepted the position? I got so stressed over this last week! Anyway, I’ve made up my mind and I really hope I made the right one. My horoscope for the year says I should grab every opportunity tossed my way. But can I be reckless?



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