Obligatory Birthday Post

This post is super late but I turned one year older last May 29! I’m not excited at all. I woke up determined to stay in bed, holed up in my room. I was cranky, even! Sorry, I was having a pretty tough week. The older I get, the more a birthday seems like a task and not to mention depressing. Also, I felt pretty young at 23. Comparatively young versus being 24. Why is it, that all of a sudden, with just a year added, that I feel so old?!





6 thoughts on “Obligatory Birthday Post

  1. I totally get you! cause it happened to me… this year! well, guess we’re really near to the big 25 now! just embrace it and tell yourself u look way younger than your age (which you do!) and it’ll be easier! 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!

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