My Little Piece of Heaven

These are Christmas lights my brother snagged from his school after it’s been used during the holidays. Nobody really claims them anymore so he taped them to a board and used it as some kind of dim light in his room. He likes the ambiance he says. These LED lights are very pretty! I asked him to bring home for me if there are still in excess; either he seemed to have forgotten or there’s nothing left to take home.

I suppose he grew tired of it since it’s summer vacation and he’s not doing much reading. I was surprised when he took it down, so I asked him if I could borrow it for my room.

I have a pretty blank wall on the head part of my bed, aside from the glow-in-the-dark plastic stars taped on it my college classmate gave me. If you have an account on Tumblr, you’re definitely familiar with the pictures of pretty rooms with Christmas lights on walls. Who says these lights can only be used for the holidays?

Photo from my Instagram account 🙂

It was initially triangular in shape, but it didn’t make much sense to me so I changed it to a star-shaped pattern. The dim in my room is perfect, I love it! 😀

My bedroom is small, like really small. Just enough space for a bed, my closet and a mirror. I struggle with it all the time because of all the sentimental junk I have and there’s nowhere to place them . I would wish for a bigger room, definitely, if we had a bigger house but I love my personal space nonetheless. So much memories! I am as old as our house and this room has seen a lot. In the nooks and corners are parts of myself growing up. Boxes and boxes of my keepsakes I fight my mother for every time she tells me I should throw it away.

On any given day, you can judge my state of mind by the state my room is in. Messier means I’m in a bad funk. It’s usually clean when I feel inspired. What do you think? I might still change it though and add some photos to my wall but right now this is okay.


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