It hurts not to say goodbye

Thank God we didn’t watch The Hobbit from the free tickets that my mother got from the company. I was not in the mood to sit through a three hour movie and besides, I’m not really a fan. So we watched Life of Pi instead and it’s really been a while since I’ve seen a movie this… moving. I don’t want to count the number of times I cried while watching it (and I tried to hide it sitting beside my brother) and prayed that please keep Richard Parker alive. Also, I realized I know nothing of zebras. I love animals and I kept trying to understand the chain of survival but it’s painful. My mind was set in a worldwhere all animals get along.

I had no idea of the story beforehand, by the way. I just heard and read how good it was. I couldn’t even tell my family what it was about so I can convince them to watch this instead of The Hobbit. I had a different idea altogether. It didn’t disappoint, to say the least and I loved it. I kept picturing myself in the same situation as Pi and asked myself, “Would I survive? Would I have done the same things he did?” Probably not. But I can’t kill an animal for the life of me. That Bengal tiger hanging at the side of the raft for hours was all it took and I swear I could have shouted at the theaters to please help the tiger on the raft again! (Excuse me, I feel like tearing up again). You never really appreciate anything unless everything is taken away from you, right?

I made it my life purpose to make Jeff watch it no matter what because he hasn’t seen it yet. No matter what.


3 thoughts on “It hurts not to say goodbye

  1. It’s a great film, isn’t it? Thanks for this post – I’ve just published a post about a trip to India which lets you walk in Pi’s footsteps and see where the visual inspiration for the film and the book came from in India and the Andaman Islands, off the coast of India. If you’re interested, then take a look: (there’s even a chance to see your own Richard Parker!)

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