I’ve been talking a lot about the book I’m reading lately, which is just might as well since it keeps me sane. Little by little I’ve managed somehow to return the old passion for reading, so it’s not just work and home anymore.

I’ve just finished Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher. And it’s my first King novel. I loved it; even the bits where I cannot understand, I still do. He writes and builds such great characters, I almost felt like I know them in real life. I loved them; dark as it maybe it’s still charming. There are a lot of things not clear to me in the book, maybe in a year or five, I’ll read it again and understand better.

This also marks, in my count, the second book I’ve successfully finished in the year 2012. First was Alice in Zombieland. (I’m not even sure if that was 2012, but I’m counting it in). Not bad, right? It’s still March, maybe I can squeeze in one more and it’ll be one book a month. The next task probably would be finding what to read next.  A suggestion would be nice. (Or I could just rummage through my stack for books I’ve started but never got to finishing it at all. I do remember a few classics still on the pile…

I meant to write, (here we go again) but even when I try to put thoughts or memories together, I lose words. This is as coherent as I’m going to be right now; thankful even that I’m getting all these in one organized paragraph. I’m keeping it simple; I’ll step it up another time.

Scoliosis is a bitch. The pain in my back for the past few days has been killing me; it’s numb every freaking morning. It feels like I haven’t slept at all the whole night. Today was the worst, and since I have to work in less than two hours, I have to find a way to suck it up and make it tolerable. I’ve taken a painkiller. I hope it does the job.


I have registered my phone to BB Social so I’m online anywhere I go. If you have a BB phone and would like to chat up, feel free to add me. I’d appreciate a break in the monotony of work anytime and talk to new souls. Or if not, maybe Twitter? I’ll follow back so we can chat. 🙂

Twitter: harriepotty
BBMessenger: 25E954C5


4 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher.

  1. I am now tempted to get meself a BB. Haha. Damn it! :[

    And because of you Riette, I am planning to finish at least five books this vacation. XD

    Oh and – does it ever go away? Scoliosis I mean? 😦 It sounds painful. I hate back pains the most!

    • I was planning to get a new phone sana but then I realized it’s a really good phone for social media. Get naaaaaaa! SO WE CAN CHAT! :’D

      I haven’t had anything to read for this month though, I should find one!

      Unfortunately it doesn’t go away. Haha. Di ko alam kung anong pwestong gagawin ko sa sarili so I’d be comfortable e. Also, standing for long periods of time triggers it. 😦

  2. Just write as freely as you could at first. Jumpstart the writing by writing the first things that come to your mind and eventually, it’ll flow like a broken dam.

    I haven’t tried any book by King. I heard they’re awesome, but dark and scary. And I’m a stupid scaredy cat, so… I guess it’s not for me.

    • It is awesome, dark and scary. Haha, but I guess there are other books that would accommodate your taste if it’s a little too much!

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