Tonight I’m in love

Once upon a time, I’ve been a fan of anime, Japanese pop songs, asian dramas and pretty Asian boys. But I grew up and life got the best of me, eventually the interest dwindled  away.

I’m in a really bad funk lately about things trivial and unnecessary, I’m not even going to try to explain. So tonight I rummage through my old music files and found some tracks I felt like listening tonight. And I fell in love.

It may seem like I’m an avid fan of something that makes adults raise an eyebrow and find weird. They used to question me a lot why I listen to Arashi or Kanjani8 when I can’t even understand a single word. Correction: I can understand a few. Bits and pieces here and there because my passion for this interest made me try to understand the language (it died eventually, not because I want to but because I got busy. Studying to become a nurse is not the easiest thing on this planet). Sometimes I even wish I was a different person (now, this is childish). But music was an exception. I found in them what ingredient was missing in the music I can understand. It made me feel.

These things were a part of my growing up. I spent a good year of my life following these idols. It was a puzzle piece to who I am. And I’ve been a feeling a little lost lately. I can’t remember the things I used to like really hard. I can’t remember what makes me feel kilig/giddy aside from my boyfriend. I rummaged my old music files and found ARASHI’s music.

And I fell in love all over again. If you are a fan, then you know how it feels to hear Nino play the piano. Or how you see Sho rapping in such a light… I cannot put words into. It’s not because I’m a hardcore, rabid fan girl. (I swear I’m not because apparently I’m too contrite to be one :|) It’s because damn the music makes me feel good and it brings back good memories. These interests of mine made me list down a draft of my dreams and goals for the future me. Of course that has changed. But it’s not a memory that made me cringe or made me feel in the least bit embarrassed. It makes me smile and think I was that hopeful girl once upon a time. Once upon a time before life got the best of me.

The point is, I just found a “me” I haven’t seen in quite a while and I felt in love like I did a few years ago when I was watching and listening with admiration.

What about you? What makes you feel in love again? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tonight I’m in love

  1. Oh wow, I’m also an Arashi fangirl. I love Sho. so much. Haha.

    Personally, I can relate somehow – with anime tho. I still watch anime up until now but I kinda miss how I loved anime before. I can’t really explain tho. It’s just how I feel.

    Every time I listen to my old anime mp3s, it makes me very nostalgic.

  2. Aww… Riette! I know this feeling. Haha~ when I started studying again and had to commute, I needed some music in my fone. Everything’s so crappy nowadays so I dug my CDs and found my compilation of Anime, Game and Drama OSTs. Hihihi. It’s not really falling in love again – I just remember the good ol’ memories. My watching and playing are still on hiatus. Sniff. I read reviews though, which is silly of me. Haha! It’s just that nothing’s too “shiny” for me to download yet.

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