Parental Issues

I really try to understand her but sometimes relationships with moms are just difficult. Especially with my mom. Sometimes she’s just so self-absorbed. I’d talk to her if I could but that would be an endless futile attempt because I can never get the right words to use. Explaining what she makes me feel is a task I’d rather skip. Jeff would tell me all the time that she’s getting old and I should just understand her and ignore it. The feeling of annoyance would eventually go away. It gets me through the day somehow. But sometimes I feel alienated. And yet she questions me why I never open up to her. This is exactly the reason why. She’s judgmental, she’s controlling. Self righteous. I can never get it right by her. Ever.



9 thoughts on “Parental Issues

  1. i feel the same with my mom. i don’t think it’s about aging actually.. parang it’s just an excuse na lang e na matanda na sila and all pero parang i don’t see the connection kung bakit sila nagkakaganun. during the menopausal stage, that’s i can understand. oh well.

    • can’t explain it either but it gets me through the day, if I think that way. instead of being annoyed endlessly and trying to find some rationale for it. /sigh but it’s so frustrating trying not to be annoyed in the least bit! I hope there’s a cheat sheet to it!

  2. Wow, I wish I could sympathize but unfortunately for me, it’s my dad instead (we’re too much the same so we naturally don’t get along). I have a cousin though who is very much in the same disposition as you, I believe. I could never figure out what advice to tell her… : [ But if it’s one thing I learned over the years, it’s that the more I understood my dad, the more I didn’t take to heart his “ways.” It’s not easy though, face-to-face. This is what I tell myself: Just try to be the bigger person, forgive, and move on to brighter things…because life is too short otherwise.

    • Exactly! My mom is exactly like me. I’m self-righteous, self-absorbed and controlling. Plus I have shorter patience so this mind game is really ticking me off. I’m thinking it over and deciding I’m ignoring it. I just hate the conclusions she come up with. :/

  3. Sometimes talaga mahirap intindihin yung mga nanay. My mom and I argue din, and there are times that i hate her to the point I don’t even want to call her “mama”. But then, God always remind me that if it wasn’t for that grumpy old woman, I wouldn’t be alive. Kaya now, I do my best to be more patient and understand her. In the end, mare-realize din natin na hindi pala natin kaya pag wala sila. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for linking back! New blogs makes me giddy! πŸ˜€

        Same here, I’m a little old to be putting up childish fights with my mom so I just shut my mouth and wait for the feeling to pass. I understand how she feels.

        It’s hard to be a good daughter! :))

    • Ugh, definitely not. Lagi ko na lang ginagawa is to stay out of her vision para I can avoid anything I might say or do to hurt her. She’s still my mom after all!

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