Damp rain smell.

I skipped going to work today. It was supposed to be my last graveyard shift for this month but I realized I’m too tired and I needed sleep. I dropped by my boyfriend’s house this morning after my shift; he’s been going through a rough patch at work lately and I know he needs someone to be with him to keep his mind off of things. Only I wish I could do more for him but I can only hold his hand. Anyway, thus explaining why I haven’t slept properly yet because I’ve been with him all morning.

I also feel like I haven’t written a decent entry yet. I don’t feel like I’ve written anything that actually has my heart in it (not that I’m writing a lot lately anyway, but still). It’s getting harder and harder to organize anything in my head the more that I skip writing. I must be getting rusty, yes?  I haven’t read a book in quite a while even.

It’s been raining hard all afternoon. When Jeff and I got home, we decided that while I sleep, he can play the PS2 console here at home. But since it’s been a little too cold and dark, we both fell asleep on the couch. I wake up from time to time to see him and I’m glad he’s getting sleep. He’s been up all night trying to work his mind up regarding his problem. I worry a lot. I could be grumpy all I want but today is all about him, so I put my toddler issues aside be the person he needs me to be. I just want to cheer him up for even a little while.


4 thoughts on “Damp rain smell.

  1. I know that feeling of not having written a “decent entry.” You know how I got around this? I posted random, whimsical photos of seemingly mundane events. I liked how you called your issues “toddler.” I share the same sentiments with my own issues, har har. And I think just being there for your guy is a great help in itself.

    By the way I would love to add you to my little blogroll. : ]

    • I’ll give that a try. I always meant to try, or at least write little bits of details in my day so I can compile them when I write. Only I keep forgetting, which is probably one thing I should forget first. :/

      Thanks! I would really like that. ❤ Looking forward to read more from you!

    • OMG, I am a self-absorbed, brat, spoiled and stubborn girlfriend… before. And I learned from it the hard way. 😦 I felt it was like to be hated and it didn’t feel good the least bit. I had to claw my way back in his good graces. It was the saddest year of my life, as far as I can remember. But it’s all good now at least. I did say I learned. You know, you just need someone to break the tough shell you have. Someone to make you go beyond your boundaries and make you do things you won’t do before. 😀

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