In surgery no more.

Hello! It’s been more than a month, I know. But hey, apparently our monthly internet bill is a little too much for what our financial capability can handle so I think my mom decided to get rid of it altogether. Which means, no internet for me in quite a long while. I miss hanging out in cyberspace but I really can’t afford the time to go out of the house and rent at a computer shop.

So, as a solution to that, my mom bought this Globe Tattoo stick. I hate it initially but I am very, very impressed with its performance. It’s fast! And I can open a few tabs all at once without having to wait at least five minutes before it loads, unlike the previous sticks they had before. Slow like a freaking dial up, what the hell. We have the Tattoo 999Php (not sure what it’s called) and it’s my mom’s so I’m thinking of getting my own stick, probably the Tattoo Flash sometime soon.

It only depresses me though that I won’t be able to download the shows I’m following like I used to. I ind it a bit of a hassle to load 50Php every day to avail the unlimited surfing but oh well. It does the job, and that means a lot from what I initially expected.

Time flies by so fast! In a few days time I’m done with my Surgery rotation and I still don’t have any idea where I’ll be put in next. If I had a choice, I’d love to be retained. I like Surgery. I got used to the people already. I know how it works. But now I have to adjust again at some other area. It’s sad. (And I know I originally hate the area but like I said, you get used to it).

I’m thinking of taking up Critical Care Nursing training sometime in the future, by the way. There’s adrenaline in situations where the patient is arresting that I love, for some reason. And I would really like to learn more about it. I wanted to be an EMT/Paramedic since before I became registered and I would have started training for it if not for the following reasons: a) I’m not fit b) the training is freaking expensive! Around 30k expensive. It needs saving up. Did I mention I am so freaking broke right now?

On the up side, my hair is long and I just recently had it rebonded again. It’s a painful process I tell you! Or at least for me! My hair is damaged and with every pull I can freaking hear it break! It makes me want to cry. But it turned out okay eventually and I guess I should promise to take better care of it this time around. Hey, I’m thinking of growing it really long. What do you think? Pictures maybe next time! (And I should probably tell you the place where I got it done, I still haven’t gotten over it).


4 thoughts on “In surgery no more.

  1. Mas mahal bayad sa mga paramedics, di ba? Kaya ganun kamahal ang training. Kaya mo yan sis! Ipon-ipon muna. Daanan mo muna lahat bago ka makarating dun sa pinaka-gusto mo. Pro ka na pag dating nun, haha. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t tried to rebond my hair. I didn’t know it was painful! Mas lalo tuloy ako nawalan ng gana ipaayos buhok ko, based on what you’ve just shared!

    • Yes, mas mahal but you know, you have to be really good if you want to be one. I’m still trying to decide if I can handle it. It’s a lot of messy, bloody physical and mental work, so. Meh.

      Do try! It really just depends. When I first did it, it was okay. My hair is really just damaged this time so every time I hear something cracking I cringe and it’s painful for me. But I suppose I can say it’s worth it. Ugh, remind me to take care of my hair really better this time. 😦

  2. I also love to be assigned sa OR, aside sa fact na gwapo almost lahat ng surgeons, interesting talaga mag-assist in a surgery. Excited na akong mag-training. πŸ™‚

    I also had my hair rebonded, then permed it, so yeah, damaged din yung buhok I suggest you use L’oreal shampoo, it helps repair your hair. If you want natural ways, use mayonnaise.
    You might not like the smell, but it’s really effective for dry and damaged hair. Tinitiis ko nga lang eh,kesa naman magmukhang walis tingting yung buhok ko. Haha. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! I did spend a few weeks in the OR in a previous hospital and although scary at first, I miss the clicking of instruments and the smell of Cidex. Haha. AND OO! I AGREE WITH THAT. WHHHHHHHY IS THAT. GWAPO SILA LAHAT. Well not all, but they’re attractive to say the least! πŸ˜‰

      I love L’oreal, I used it before I stopped lang kasi I forgot to buy, hehe. But it’s really good. Mayonnaise, I’ll give that a try. 😦 I had to cut my hair a little shorter so I can remove all the damage. Here’s to hoping I can grow it long and healthy this time!

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