It’s the 11th today; it’s a monthsary! But we rly don’t count, so.

I used to love it a lot when it rains more than the day being sunny. But now that I don’t get to stay and cuddle in bed when it does, I kind of hate it and the people who can. How is everyone?

Jeff and I argued a lot yesterday and the night before over the silliest things. Like I was supposed to prepare food for the both of us but he was angry because I didn’t bring rice (I told him to bring it!); fully expecting he could eat a good meal. We ended up eating cup noodles in silence. I was very pissed off over the wasted food we didn’t get to eat and he was pissed over the fact that he expected.

Another one is this. Pepper, the adorable dog that she is, chewed Jeff’s 8gb phone memory card that I borrowed from him. It’s a good thing I saved the photos from the memory card or else… I really don’t know what he would have done. Here’s what it looked like from my dog’s mouth:

Nope, he wasn't the least bit happy at all when I told him.

We argued over the phone, quite loudly now that I think of it (and my dad hearing it downstairs makes me a bit embarrassed) because I placed a wrong order (not really wrong but incomplete) on one of our supplier for our shop’s clients. It’s a waste of money, naturally and I have already informed the client how I should be shipping their orders about next week, much to her excitement. Now, how do I explain she might need to wait a little longer? Yes, we argued over that plus the various things and issues it morphed into. Business is freaking hard; someone is about to make a mistake sooner or later whom in this case, is me.

And then my laptop charger giving up on me. It just gave up! I really need my laptop on a daily basis, even if I have nothing completely important to do. So I’m in a “blah” mood ever since. Today, my brother and I decided to dissect it (my father said so!) so he can take a look at what’s wrong inside. It’s not under warranty anymore so I guess that’s okay. But it didn’t really bring any good, it’s still whacked. I need to get a new one.

my dissected laptop charger

On a better note, look what I got the other day:

red and navy blue satchel ❤

I’ve been thinking about how I’d love to have a new bag lately, only I can’t decide what. I bought this because I fell in love with the colors. I got a 13″ satchel because the 11″ although cheaper might not be enough for the stuff I usually bring. I’ve been lugging this to work the past few days but I realized I hate bringing it. The synthetic leather gets scratched easily and I’m afraid it might peel off a little too soon. I don’t have time to be careful so I decided to just bring it around when I occasionally go out. My pink Jansport is still my best bet. (I’m thinking of buying Jeff a satchel though!)

I still have a few purchases lately but I haven’t taken a photo of it so I’ll save it for next time.


One thought on “It’s the 11th today; it’s a monthsary! But we rly don’t count, so.

  1. When I saw the memory card, I literally uttered “ouch” and then belted out laughs. Haha!!! Wag mo kasi gutumin yung aso. JOKE. LOLOLOL~

    Don’t you just hate going through bad days? But hey! It means good things will happen next. I love how you placed the good part at the end of your entry. 😀

    WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SATCHEL? Having one makes me feel like a Japanese school girl, so I guess I need to buy one. Costripping purposes, no big deal. Haha.

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