Day 35/365: Hello December!

Hello, December! πŸ™‚

I should probably stop making excuses or explain why I haven’t written in a long while (because nobody really reads that shit, let alone care) and actually talk about something substantial. There’s a lot going on everyday but being back to actively writing after a long while, I feel like my vocabulary froze up and I can’t express myself well enough. I blame it on not being able to read leisurely like I used to and to the general lack of practice in writing alone. I turn sabaw when I try too hard to squeeze anything.

I declare that I am in a forever love-hate relationship with WordPress and many times I am tempted to go back to Blogspot where there are more customizations available and I don’t have to pay anything for it. 😐 But I like it here because it’s neat. So I’m staying. (Although excuse my changing of themes often because I just can’t get the look I want).

Anyway, hey! I’m on graveyard shifts now! And I’m in Surgery ward. Am I happy? No. I can’t regulate my body to stay awake at the unholy hours of the evening/morning. I get so grumpy at around 2AM– I can’t even keep my eyes open. The fact that I’m working with le boyfriend on graveyards isn’t helping at all. Most of the time we’re too busy to talk anyway.

As if on cue, patients turn on fevers at 40 C every four hours. Half the time I am expecting them to convulse with fevers that high but thank you Lord, they haven’t. Or at least not yet. Relatives panicking but when I try to advise them to do something (independent action first!), they won’t do it anyway. Panic comes first apparently, no matter what assurance I give. So, paracetamol it is. (Trivia: do you know how damn hard it is to aspirate that bloody drug in a syringe? So viscous! Makes my fingers hurt every freaking time, considering I give about ten doses in a shift!) Only when you give medication do they believe that you’re actually doing something for them.

The biggest challenge has always been trying to keep a friendly tone and not sound pissed. Some of the patient’s guardians would really argue. I couldn’t blame them though since they really don’t have the knowledge needed to prioritize and to know when serious is serious. Most of the time they’d think you weren’t paying enough attention on the patient when you weigh the condition as “not really urgent”.

I try to love it here in Surgery but as of the moment I’m finding it hard to. Philippine government setting: no supplies, even alcohol or gloves. No syringe supplies! I’ll make a mental note never, ever be confined in a government hospital. I’d rather spend for my health. J. removed a foley cath barehanded some days ago. My jaw dropped to the floor; I wanted to be angry. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Touch something that just came from a patient’s privates with bare hands, are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS.

But that aside, quite sure he’ll never do it again. Gross.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering what Day 35/365 means, it’s my current one year contract with the hospital I’m working at right now as a Nurse under the Department of Health program RN Heals. Counting the days of my one year work as a nurse!

I’ll try to write about some of the stuff that keeps me sane and happy in my next post maybe, so I won’t bore you with my everyday hospital experiences. Being a nurse and being a patient in a government hospital is tough, tougher for the latter. I am sorry if it’s not ideal practice but we make do with what we can with so limited resources.

Also, I found some bloggers from the past! Please check them out in my Fellow Bloggers list. If you have a blog, do drop me a link. I’d love to exchange links with you. I’ve been on a search for blogs to read on a regular basis so drop me a line!


2 thoughts on “Day 35/365: Hello December!

  1. Nakakasabaw nga kapag matagal ka na di nagsulat tapos matagal ka na rin di nagbasa ng mga literaturang talaga namang nakakapagbigay inspirasyon sa pagsusulat.

    It’s surprising how similar we act when it comes to layouts. When it feels neat, it feels ok to stay. When it feels like I can’t get the look that I want, it makes me want to quit… or keep changing the look gazillion times.

    Ugh. Some people are just so mean. I pity you Harriette. But always remember that there are people like my family who know when to shut up and just trust the people in charge.

    I had to research “foley cath” by the way, and when I finally learned what it is, my jaw dropped to the floor too. LOL!

    I want to clap my hands for you guys. Nakakayanan nyo magtagal sa ganung klaseng ospital. Training to the max talaga ang dating. Haha. Ang galing!!!

    I don’t mind reading your hospital experiences. It’s a great way looking at another perspective, you know. Hihi. Keep up the good work, Riette! Hang in there!

    • I SURE APPRECIATE YOU TAKING TIME TO READ ALL THIS BLAB ABOUT THE HOSPITAL. haha, it’s not easy to interest some people, that I know. diba yung foley cath! imaginin mo magtanggal nun. i would never!

      right now, i don’t have a plan to be a nurse forever. i want a business. i want to be my own boss! hehe. so i’ll do this for the mean time.

      it’s so nice that you get to choose your layout or do your own even. ;_; i just don’t have the time to layout or find a host, mas madali kapag ready. 😐

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