Day 24/365: These poor babies + feeling so much better

It took me a while to get accustomed to waking up at 4 AM and not feel like I’ve been stripped off of all energy I have for work. I had to because where I’m working right now is unbelievably strict when it comes to timing in. Also the fact that our pay is still pending, they have this hold over us newly employed that if we don’t provide quality performance at our jobs, they would deduct it in what meager amount we will receive, as if minimum pay isn’t small enough. For someone who is about to receive her first pay in life, that is scary.

I am supposed to time in Β before 6 AM at least. I was walking across the pedestrian when this girl who obviously works at the hospital runs past me– not in this sissy kind of running but really running marathon-like! Holy shit, she’s taking it so seriously was what I initially thought. People were looking. But then I am going to be late too so I tried to run too (but I can’t do it at par with what this girl did). She timed in at exactly 6AM; I timed in at 6:01.

And then, damn I’m late again. I’m feeling murderous; I have been late thrice already this month alone.

I was hoping they would overlook a minute of tardiness though because I was supposed to be out of work at exactly 2PM, but knowing how nurses can’t leave their post until everything is done, I clocked out at 2:44 PM. If they don’t think that’s compensation for my tardiness, I don’t know what else is.

Today by far has been the most toxic of the two weeks I have spent inside the OR/DR complex. We had six admissions plus three more who are in the labor room. There’s been a lot of emergency this morning apparently.

We underestimate the value of proper medical assistance thinking we can delay for a while and it won’t have any impact at all. A mother who was supposed to give birth to twins traveled for two hours before getting to our hospital. Her first baby was born safely; the other twin didn’t make it by the time she reached us. I am not the best judge as to what happened but who is to blame really? How do you explain to the other twin that hey, you’re supposed to be twins but… when the time comes? I’m not even sure the mother knows she’s giving birth to twins because she doesn’t seem to be having regular checkups.

I have no words for so much neglect.

To some I may sound judgmental but believe me, I am not or at least I try not to be. But even the doctors shake their heads to 18 year old mothers who already have three kids. THREE KIDS. Girl, haven’t you heard of condoms? Will you be a mother of ten by the time you reach 30? One thing most of us apparently neglect is responsible parenthood; it’s never too early to learn how to be one. When I assist the doctors and talk to these mothers, talk to them through the delivery, my mind wanders about what they do at home, how they feed this poor souls, how they’d manage to get them to school someday? I thought about it, but have they? They’re not even mature enough yet to be starting their own family. Heck, they can’t even get married.

I try to understand but sometimes I just want to give them a piece of my mind but it’s going to be an effort to make it sound like a “health teaching”, so. But I try, you know? These babies just doesn’t deserve this kind of life or for what lies ahead.

On a lighter note, I am feeling so much better! The stomach flu has now passed, I think. I can eat normally but still taking precautionary measures in case it’s not completely gone yet but I am well rested and ready for work again. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Day 24/365: These poor babies + feeling so much better

  1. I hate being late at work as well. Especially when they’re super strict with time cards. I hate those nasty buggers. Paano pag pila? Tapos wtf asdfghjkl;—grr! Anyway, I feel sorry for the other twin. Sayang talaga. Naiiyak ako pag topic babies. Pero don’t worry di naman ako naiyak dito. Malapit-lapit na. Haha! Kung pwede lang pagsasampalin mga nanay ng mga batang yan. Di deserving! Kung sino pa yung kailangan magkaanak yun pa yung di makagawa ng baby. Life’s unfair.

  2. WTF. I’m definitely not gonna get paid if I am in your place. Probably, magbabayad pa ko ng utang dahil lagi akong malelate. =.=

    Hmm. Maybe you should try talking some sense into these kids. I mean, in a friendly way, of course. Hindi yung parang pastor na magsesermon bigla. πŸ˜› Usually, these kids are misguided. You might never know, you might be able to change a life by simply saying a few words to them.

    • IKR!? :(( Wala na ko makukuha, I’m sure. As of now, I have 4 lates.

      I’m still figuring out how to, you know, without sounding like their parents and without sounding like I’m being judgmental. Trying to keep it level and try to sound understanding. 😐 Will never stop trying though!

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