Day 22/365: Stomach Flu

The past three days have been nightmarish, so far. My eyeballs are now sunken from dehydration and I look like I aged a million years in a few days time. I’ve tried taking something to relieve this diarrhea but it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I can hear my intestines rumbling even from a distance. I can’t hold anything in; it’s like a waterfall down there.

I just want to be well and be able to work like a normal person and not feel like I’m going to pass out every single time. šŸ˜¦ Ā Please get well soon.

We had six admissions today at the delivery room. I know that’s still manageable, but not for someone in my condition. I just want to lie down and sleep at every stretcher I see as if it’s calling out to me. I haven’t slept at all the night before. I’m bordering hypoglycemia, but I can’t just eat anything or else I’d be staying half the shift inside the toilet.

Imagine not having any energy left at all to change out of my scrubs suits when the shift ended. I wish I could just teleport home instantly.

Never drinking in my life again!


2 thoughts on “Day 22/365: Stomach Flu

  1. I really don’t get why we have to drink to have fun, but meh… lesson learned for you, ee? Haha! I know the feeling. I had Biofitea before, and after 8 hours or so, uncontrollable expulsion of watery shit just occurs! It’s bad when you’re at work/school/not home. Be careful next time, sis. I hope the fun before the hellish experience was worth it!

    • That’s the thing, I don’t even drink! I had like one bottle of Tanduay Ice only. I don’t know, bad combination of food I guess (we were having bagoong that time) but ugh, never doing that again!

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