Good News

Good things have been happening lately and I’m just going to share them tonight. Totally being random because I don’t have anything else interesting going on.

1. I got accepted in the RN Heals program of DOH. This is definitely good news because I AM GETTING PAID. Yes, for one whole year as a legit working staff nurse in a tertiary hospital of my choice! They say this is pretty strong recommendation too since it’s under the DOH. Although, this will require a lot of changes again when it comes to my environment and the people I work with. There’s going to be a lot of adaptation again. I haven’t formally said my goodbyes yet to my co-trainees at the hospital but I miss them already! Work is definitely so much better when you’re having fun and you like the people you work with. So I can only hope that I won’t be having any problems at all in this new workplace and I keep my cool.

2. My skin regimen/facial routine is working well. Well, I did think my skin wasn’t that great until I learned to take care of it. Nothing fancy or expensive here, seriously. I have less white heads, less black heads. The pimples are occasionally there, I suppose it can’t be helped. It’s part of my life to stay up late, hormonal surges, etc. But definitely manageable. The only con here is that I’m more oily now than usual because my pores are not clogged anymore. But, like I said, still manageable. I blot around twice in a day whenever I’m out so that’s not really bad for maintenance. Some of the stuff I do, you’ve probably heard before but if not, well, you might want to try them out. I’ll try to list them next time.

Le boyfriend and I watched Puss in Boots today as a treat for ourselves. I loved it! It was hilarious and full of cuteness. Cat lovers are going to die from all the adorable goodness! I was a little embarrassed because I may have laughed a little too loud but really, watch it in 3D because it’s worth it, all the watchers are laughing at all the right places. I kind of hated Humpty Dumpty but he had a good twist so it was balanced, all in all. Oh, also! The dance sequences are amazing! Watch it if you haven’t yet!


7 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Napanood ko yung Puss in Boots… nag expect ako ng mas maraming hilarious scenes kaya medyo rated “okay” lang siya sa akin. Haha. Panalo yung tinanong siya ano name nya, sagot nya “meow”~ LOL!

    Oh… you should include your facial routine here. I think I need to unclog my pores as well. Kung oily face mo, always have an oil control sheet to wipe the oil and dirt off your face. 😉

    And finally, congratulations! Good luck adapting to the changes. Work doesn’t really seem like work when you’re enjoying it. Hahaha.

    • So glad to find someone else still blogging besides me! I’ll add you up. 🙂 Grabe sobrang full of cuteness lang talaga yung movie kasi. Haha.

      I’ll try to add the routine part sometime. Yupp, I always have an oil blotter sheet. Parang kawali lang yung mukha ko. Haha.

    • Hi! Sadly I just found out na completion of training lang ang makukuha namin, as ordered by DOH daw. Kailangan pang makiusap sa Chief Nurse if we wanted to get a certificate of employment. But knowing how things work, yung may mga “backer” lang ang makakakuha. What hospital are you in? 🙂

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