Facial Care?

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but I’ve been obsessed about my face the past few weeks. Oh, but it’s nothing crazy, really! For the longest time I don’t have a “facial routine” at all. The media must have been getting in my head. People are now so obsessed with “beauty”, in whatever way they see it. Well, in my defense, it’s learning how to take care of yourself and learning how to present yourself in the best way possible. It’s not like I put on heavy make-up, after all. Let me find a better term… to accentuate my features, perhaps? Yeah, that’s it I guess. Usually I don’t feel comfortable at all putting stuff on my face. I feel… heavy. It’s weird I know, and once I put make up on, I don’t retouch! I feel like my face is dirty and I’d feel more heavy if I retouched my made up face.

Anyway, the obsession I’ve been talking about isn’t about painting my face exactly but you know, the actual taking care of your face routine. I wash my face now on a regular basis especially when I’m from the hospital. I’m a very lazy girl so I tend to ignore doing it especially when I’m so tired already I couldn’t barely walk straight. Well now for the record, I really try. I hate that I have this huge pores and I have a lot of white heads. But it seems to have decreased a lot when I started about a week back, so that’s good right? I use a non-foaming scrub with Salicylic Acid from Beauty Formulas every morning and when I get home from work. Is using a nose strip bad? I tried Glamworks nose strips and boy, does it work. It works so well it’s actually scary. I see all my white heads on the strip after. I know it must sound gross! But I’m happy it works, so haha.

It’s been two weeks of this routine and I did promise to keep it up so we’ll see! What’s your beauty routine?


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