I couldn’t be more happy that a really long shift is over early this morning with no drama. I even got to sleep from around 2AM to 430Am in the morning which isn’t really that bad for a mid to graveyard shift. I’m a naturally sleepy person; I couldn’t imagine myself going straight even without a minute of sleep.

Either it’s raining so hard and I get all muddy or the sun is so high up in the sky that it’s too hot to walk around (the heat stings!); either way there is no medium ground in between. I commuted from the hospital to meet Jeff at the train station so we can start with all the stuff we have planned for the day. I wasn’t that tired yet and I’m all up for being productive.

I wasn’t that lucky though. By the time we got to our destination, it’s been long since the officer in charge cut off, so it was pretty fruitless. I am dismayed, it would have been great to slash one thing off of my to-do list. After all I love the feeling of accomplishment.

My head had started to hurt then after as Jeff and I hailed a ride home. The air conditioner doesn’t do justice to heat outside at 9AM. We were both sweating as I leaned my head on his shoulder while he continually talks and I mumble, trying to steal a nap on our way to eat breakfast at the plaza.

Jeff spent the day here at our house. I know I’m not going to sleep anytime soon (sleeping while he’s here is the last thing on my list) but I’m glad he let me sleep for about an hour. I couldn’t manage to stay awake anymore watching “Hanna”. When he woke me up at around 5PM, it’s raining hard again but a quick one at that, and we decided to go out and get something to eat. Sleep has gone past me and even right now, I’m having a hard time chasing it back.


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