Sunday morning, rain is falling.

I’ve been pretty much crazy all week (and I do mean crazy) with all the mood swings that has been going on. A mix of anger, misery, and hopelessness taking their turns. In short, I feel like crap. Since I cannot find a valid reason for all this, I’m blaming it all on the hormones. It’s PMS week.

It’s Sunday but it doesn’t feel like it is. On a positive note, I feel accomplished today. We had a general cleaning of our kitchen and I organized the office/school/painting supplies I have in my room. I found a container I haven’t used in quite a while and decided to use it to place my brushes, pencils, pens, etc. instead of using a canister which takes up so much space. I had the chance to sort out the things I could throw away. It’s really dusty here so having my stuff out in the open isn’t such a great idea, so keeping them in sealed containers was a good move.

I only have one more problem though. I hate rats! And as of late they are making my life hard. It doesn’t smell so nice in my room because these pests stay in some of the boxes just outside my window. We were asking the help of my uncle to clean it today but since it’s been raining so hard, I’m afraid it will not happen. And I swear I can’t stand the smell anymore. I think I’m going to spend the night sleeping in the living room until it’s been cleaned out. 😦

I hope I won’t get scolded tomorrow for the stain on my nursing cap. I have no choice since I don’t have any other nursing cap to use but I’ll get a new one once I have the time. I even tried painting it with white acrylic… but it’s too obvious. 😐

I’m already anxious for tomorrow! I don’t know what to take with me. I don’t know what’s waiting for me at the hospital, and no one with me to feel lost with. Ugh. Dear God, please give me a friend tomorrow so I won’t be entirely alone.


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