Something has been bothering me lately and I hate the feeling of being clueless. I have this friend who hasn’t been in the best of moods when I last talked to him but something might have happened to his day so I let it slip in hopes that maybe next time he’s better. But just about minutes ago, he commented on something I posted. Somehow it still doesn’t feel like himself and I’m wondering what was up. I wouldn’t have minded but a) he’s justifying a guy beating a girl b) his comment seemed monotonous.

He said it’s because there was a third party (that’s why that asshole was beating the girl). That coming from a guy who is against hurting girls for all reason? I have this huge question mark on my face when I read it because of all guy friends I have he’s the one who genuinely doesn’t like seeing a girl cry, hurt, for whatever reason.

Now I’m starting to backtrack anything I might have done wrong/said wrong but I can’t remember anything. it just doesn’t feel okay and I am completely bothered by it. Who likes being in argument with friends, right? Or misunderstanding for any reason at all? All this, or I may just be over-reading things.

I am annoyed, but I guess I’ll let it pass.


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