I feel sorry for being lazy today but I can’t help it. It’s one of those days when I just don’t want to move or do anything at all. It’s been so hot the whole day, my head was throbbing with headache just this afternoon, and thank the Lord, remedied by a cold shower.

I don’t usually go out but when I do, I always see this chocolate brown-colored dog wandering the streets. I love dogs, all dogs, and this one caught my attention because of the color. Well, I unofficially named him Choco. He belongs to the neighbors. If he didn’t belong to anyone I’d take him home though! There’s also a pure black one, but I’m more fond of Choco. I’m not sure of the breed but it looked to me like they’re Labs, from the color and built.

Sorry for the pic, it was stolen.

That was taken some time ago. But when I went out about a few weeks back, I noticed this dog has lost weight considerably and has this huge wound at his backside, near his tail. My heart broke to pieces because it must have been painful. It still looks raw! I don’t know where it got the wound and what happened. He’s so thin right now. I went out earlier and I saw him just lying on the street like he usually does on most afternoons.

I hate seeing dogs hurt and if I could just take him home and take care of him I would. I cringe every time I go out and see him wandering around, not knowing if he’s even eating. It’s just that this dog is so beautiful and being taken for granted. I wish there’s something I could do but I really don’t have resources, plus someone else owns him.

If I don’t see him around anymore… I think I’ll know. 😦


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