A tip and a fact.

Tip for the day: Do not spend hours too long in front of your computer.

Because, oh my gosh, my eyes hurt right now and I am exhausted. It’s not really a work thing but somehow important because I am trying to set things up for the shop we are maintaining. While I’d love to say it’s been fruitful, well, it hasn’t. And my head hurts from all the people I’ve been trying to contact that hasn’t replied yet.

Sorry for the lack of updates here, but my life has been chaotic lately (and that’s definitely not an understatement). Living is such a stressful thing to do. And it’s hard to write anything when you don’t have the right motivation. And here’s a fact, my room reflects the mood I’m in. Accurately if I may add. I would take a picture of how my room looks right not but that would be embarrassing but “messy” is the right term to use. Too much stuff, so little space, I have no idea where to put what so I kind of quit trying to arrange things because I keep reverting back to a state of disarray after anyway.

My feelings are chaotic right now, it’s so hard to settle.


2 thoughts on “A tip and a fact.

  1. I agree. Good thing you can browse the Internet by just using your phone *u*

    How about cleaning your room once a week? That would help you make your room less messy and easier to clean. Buy small dividers/cabinets to maximize your space and that you don’t have to pile up everything in just one corner :”)

    • Bad vibes kasi lagi eh, I don’t have motivation for anything lately. BUT! I’m cleaning right now. Haha, so medyo okay na. I have lots of boxes here! Sobra. Wala na talagang mapaglagyan. When you drop by pakita ko sayo room ko. Hay. So much stuff talaga especially my books and bags and CLOTHES. 😦

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