HP:DH Part 2

I wasn’t that excited actually the night prior or even this morning but when the movie started playing I was already crying. I was so emotional just because I can’t believe this is ending right there. Jeff and I watched it in IMAX, freaking expensive but definitely worth every penny. I was already crying at the first few seconds of the movie, WHAT.

SPOILER (if you haven’t watched/read HP:DH) so skip this part.

I was really crying at the Snape death scene. I love this character so much (I am forever Slytherin); he was so amazing. It was the saddest part for me. I have no words for my emotion. Snape is my favorite character after all and I remember being all depressed and even angry at Harry for not seeing that he’s good. But I suppose that was what Snape’s role is, playing both sides.

The visual effects are stunning. I know that it wouldn’t be portrayed exactly as it is in the books so I watch the movies mainly for the awesome visuals. It will not disappoint!  Especially wizard duels! Snape and McGonagall, Bellatrix and Molly Weasley. So BAMF! I wished so damn hard wands and magic exist!

You know, I didn’t think they did one justice on Fred’s death though. There wasn’t any impact at all.  I felt like, Fred being an important character, there’d be more emphasis to it but I guess they had to skip it with a movie running almost three hours. And not much screen time for Tom Felton either. :/

But really, all in all it was great. I’m being tempted to re-read all the books again because I admit I have forgotten a lot. I want to watch the movie again soon though. (I may be a bit biased at the moment to give proper critique because I am still overwhelmed, so.)

Sorry I don’t have pictures to post, or anything memorable at all. The day for me could have been better. I had a bit of drama to deal with. But I will really try in my next entries to post something for the eye! I’d love to show the places I’m going!

How about you? What did you think of the movie?


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