IVT Training: Day 1 and 2

Starbu-- no, Nescafe instant coffee actually.

The training started two days ago and the last day would be on Monday. And of course that meant the demonstrations. :S Somehow it seems that two days is short. Although we were lucky to have two days rest (weekends) before the last day, where usually, the training is three days straight with return demo on the last day of course. I have the advantage of more review time but still, I’m not quite sure about Monday. I do need to gain an access on the first attempt, you know? I’ve bought a needle yesterday and just looking at it is scary.

Basic IVT Manual

The first two days of class were fun and it was more of a review than learning anything new aside from the cannulation itself. I still have a lot to read since I really don’t get to study anything when I get home (too tired to do so).  I’m torn between anxiety and amazement most of the time that I will finally get to start an intravenous line.

The preceptors were funny, especially when they share actual stories of other trainees before. It helps to learn from others’ experiences I think, especially when it’s not to be done again. Of course there are dull times where I just want to sleep but I really try hard not to. I had this perception that the people here wouldn’t be as friendly as they are but they have been very warm with us and they smiled all the time, which is a plus!

Anyhow, the best of luck for me on Monday, I hope I don’t get to make a pin cushion out of my partner’s hand. D:


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