IVT Training

Today, Diane and I went to Veterans Memorial Medical Center to pay for our registration for the Intravenous Therapy Training. Finally! It feels good to know that I’ll be actually doing something related in a while. I’ve been a bum for too long.

I was slowly walking my way in the covered walk to the main building when I saw a bird on the ground, probably looking for a meal. I absentmindedly stared at it for about ten minutes. I am fascinated at the beautiful chirping it makes. It’s a wonder it doesn’t fly off immediately when there are a lot of people walking to and from the hospital. I guess the bird knows that people won’t mind with so much going on in their busy life. But I stopped and for a few minutes watched that bird transfer from place to place. And what probably brought me there was the wind and dried leaves. For a moment I felt like lying on the grass and just stay there.

Then we went to SM North to wait for Jeff and we found our amusement here at the area where they sell children’s head bands. Aren’t they cute? Diane and I kept laughing to ourselves while we tried on different styles and imagining ourselves going to training with such attention grabbing get-up!

Jeff treated us to Tokyo Tokyo afterwards. I haven’t eaten breakfast and my stomach is seriously screaming for food. I had a lot to eat, which probably contributed to a really nasty case of headache afterwards. I remember liking karaage so much but now, it’s just too oily for my taste. I can barely finish one.

Although the day started great, I don’t think it ended that well. I’ve been feeling pretty down lately and I guess it’s gotten to me. I hope this goes away before training starts in two days. Le sigh.


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