I attended the Thanksgiving ceremonies last March 31st at the school. It was nothing fancy though, just mass and dinner. Of course I met friends I’ve been with through out the review season and it was nice. But unfortunately I don’t have a camera with me so, I wasn’t able to take any. The person who did, however, hasn’t uploaded yet. 😦

(I grabbed the picture from a friend at Facebook).

During the VP’s remarks, we were forced to tell the audience of our road map to success. My group of friends were very unfortunate to be seated at the very front so we were all called one by one. The hardest thing about it was not the speaking, I suppose but some of us has not laid down any concrete plans for the future. As for me, I am a little too shy to tell people what I really want to do so I summed it up with getting all the trainings, get hired, and train as an EMT.

Oh, also. Did I mention that the school gave us 1000Php as a reward for passing the boards? I spent some of it on a beanie and a cheap phone case for my BB. I wanted something tangible to remember on where I spent it. It made me happy! (I’m such a shallow person). I might also spend the rest on books and a new set of watercolors, whichever comes first!


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