Oath taking and new perspectives

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I was too lazy to put things that have been happening into words. To sum it all up:

Finally official RNs!

We took our oath at the SMX Convention Center last March 14.  These are the people I’ve been in college with and had gone to review school with. It would have been so much better if a lot of us had made it. The ceremony really is just for formality, I wouldn’t have bothered going if my friends weren’t there.  I spent two hours of it not listening to the ceremony but talking. I’m such a bad example, I know. ;p

I’m still unemployed– in relation to the last post I have. The final interview last long and I didn’t expect it to. The guy who interviewed me made me a little nervous but I threw caution in the air and just decided to be myself. It went well. I’m waiting for a call from them. I’m kind of having doubts though. If I get accepted, training and work schedules would clash definitely. I don’t know which one I should put to priority first.

I’m trying to keep myself busy as much as possible because really, doing nothing sucks. It’s killing me that I’m at home every freaking day doing nothing. So, as a remedy to that, I’m tapping into my more creative side and try to just sketch, paint and color. I think I’m a very strict person so art isn’t really good because it hinders it from flowing. By doing so I hope I get over this and just let go.

By the way, my parents gave me a new phone as a gift for passing the board exams. Really! Here:

I named my new Blackberry, Percy (after so much reading of Percy Jackson books)

I’m going online mostly for just blogging and Tumblr. Less Facebook, less time in front of the laptop. This is good for me in a way, because I get to be more productive instead of just clicking  and browsing all day/night long. As for Twitter, I can access it through my phone so no worries there! I’m trying to have a different perspective in a life now and this is a start, along with being positive. I hope I can continue this all year long!


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