Good news?

I applied at a company sometime in January with some of my friends. We got to the initial interview and they said they’d call us for a final interview. After two weeks of waiting none came so we decided to follow-up. The lady said they’d call us again, it’s just busy right now at the HR. Of course, I waited. Then, it’s been three, four weeks and now almost a month since the last call. So imagine my surprise when they called around 5PM yesterday asking whether I’m still available for work and could come for a final interview. 😀 I said “yes” naturally. My friend and I have been really wanting to go there but kind of gave up on it after not hearing from them so long. I’m worrying about applying again elsewhere (I seem to have this problem– a jitters of some sort when it comes to interviews) so it’s good news that they are still considering us.

I’ve a lot going on in my mind lately and at a time like this I hate to be alone. Jeff came by yesterday and bought me some donuts. It sucks that he lives so far away. Distance can be such a bad thing sometimes.


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