License No. 669857

Today I finally got my professional license number, yay! 😀 We came early (and I was the latest to come at 6AM) but the lines are already so long. I’m already number 71 at the line. The good news is, the process is really quick. At about 845AM we were done with everything and I have my claim stub at hand. I can finally get my professional ID next month.

It was kind of annoying though. They were very strict with regards to mistakes when writing at the registry book. When I came up front, the lady said I am number two. So naturally I wrote at the second line. When she saw what I had done, she said, “Why did you skip a number? You should have written on number one.” I told her what she said to me only a few moments ago and she responded with, “I didn’t say that and I’ve never told anyone they should write at number two.” I stared at her. What the hell, seriously. So I shut up because government officials tend to be rude and it’s not worth it to be aggravating the situation further. She made me feel stupid, wow. But I know in my heart what she said and I wasn’t wrong. 😐 Talk about senior moments.

Anyway, when I got home I found out there wasn’t anyone around and I had no keys. To top it all off, I’m a little wet from the rain that just suddenly poured out of nowhere. I can’t decide whether I should love or hate the rainy season. I’m all for cold but sometimes it’s too nostalgic for me when it rains. And all I want to do is lay down the whole day and not getting anything done is very tempting, to say the least. So I called Roxie and told her if I could come over. Good thing she’s just at home or I wouldn’t have anywhere else to stay for a while. She showed me her surprise (which I will leave today just like this) and we had hot chocolate and bread while we talked. I wish rainy days were as warm like her home when I’m in my own home. It would have been nice. 🙂

Oh, rain. For today, all it did was dampen my mood despite the happiness of having my license number.


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