Stressing myself out?

I went to a photo studio yesterday to have my picture taken for a few documents I need to submit to PRC on Monday. My name was supposed to be typed in the picture itself, and naturally it has to be right. Imagine my annoyance when I get home and find that the first set had my surname misspelled. It’s such a hassle to go back there, never mind also not being sure whether they’d replace it or not. Jeff had written my name in print on paper so there will be no mistakes; they can’t really blame us for illegible handwriting when they got my name on the second set correct, right?

I’m really stressed out with all this post-board passing stuff that I have to do. I am, however, very excited to get my license card. Being “professional” has a nice sound to it. 🙂 But all this preparations for my gala, and what nots, I don’t know. Maybe I’m stressing myself out more than I should?


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