I See you

Good thing the photo studio agreed to replace my picture with another, without argument. Although I’m pretty disappointed at how I looked at the print outs; yesterday’s photo was better. It’s a digital copy but unfortunately they delete everything at the end of the day. I looked horrible, yesterday’s photo was fine.

While waiting for the picture to be printed, Jeff and I wandered inside the department store. He’s looking for new clothes to wear and I found this really cute baby blue pair of boots. Jeff ended up buying them for me!

You know what they say about giving shoes as gifts? That you'll end up arguing with the person who gave it to you?

I really haven’t had lunch yet so we ended up taking out a box of pizza, eating siomai and fries on the way. Everything is good when you’re hungry. (Like right now.) We spent watching the Avatar when we got back here at home.

I know I’m so late but it is a great movie. I love the concept of how everything is linked together and one of the spontaneous thought I had was, it should be like that in real life. People would appreciate the world they live in better. And for once, while watching, no matter how primitive it is there, I kind of wished I lived there. The thought of being able to fly is amazing. We kind of felt bad for missing it in IMAX. 😦

All in all it’s been a great day. I am very tired though but happy nonetheless. 🙂


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